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Autumn Psalm is a fashion designer living in Arcata, California. She brands herself as a sustainable emerging fashion designer. She creates high end fashionable garments for the modern women out of up-cycled materials. She sources her fabrics throughout California. Most of her fabrics have, what Autumn has labeled #pastlife fabrics , meaning they have had a previous use before turned into a garments. Autumn is inspired by her trips to Paris and her Bohemian California lifestyle.

"My goal is to take fabrics that have been tossed away, and create them into something cheek and beautiful."

- Autumn Psalm 


This year, Autumn was awarded the "Best Designer Award 2019" by San Francisco's Fashion Week, during the Sustainable fashion runway show.

Autumn has made children's clothing for a wide range of clients. She has been featured on Good Morning America and in Babekin's Magazine. 

Instagram: Click Here @autumnpsalmofficial

Personal Life:

Autumn is a twenty six year old Native American mother with a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences emp. Public Health. Her day time career is in special education. Autumn is a Registered Behavioral Technician who works with children who have Autism. Autumn was inspired to take this career path because her son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. 

Autumn designs her fashion collections at her home in Arcata, California.

"I wanted to do more than just work a career job. I wanted to create awareness through art. That's where my love for the planet and fashion comes in. By doing this I show that I am more than a minority and a mother. I am a women with a voice." 

- Autumn Psalm