Autumn McComas, M.S.

Autumn is a doctoral student studying Clinical Psychology and is a practicing visual artist. Her passion lies in working with children (serving the special needs community and beyond) and teaching them an array of skills using therapeutic art intervention strategies and behavioral intervention strategies.

Creative Development

Autumn decided to combine her understanding of both art therapy and behavioral health interventions, bringing a sense of fun and creative freedom to traditional learning environments.Art Enrichment and Adaptive Art Enrichment Special Needs and Neuro Diverse Communities

Autumn has years of experience working with the special needs and neuro-diverse population (ages 18m-22 years). 

Using visual arts to teach children how to build...

  • Play Skills (helping children learn how to play in ways that suit them)
  • Social Skills (verbal and non-verbal communication with others)
  • Imagination Building Skills (expressing inner images and dialogue with the outside world)
  • Motor skills (muscle building takes time and practice and is vital for develpoment)

Why Art Enrichment?

All children deserve access to art programs through their local community.

These skills act as the foundation for children to communicate their thoughts, validate thier feelings through visual arts, build relationships with others through play, and develope critical motor skills that will be vital throughout their entire lives.